Erection and Ejaculation During Exams

Prostate exams are an important part of keeping men’s health in check. However, are put off by prostate exams because of the fear that they may get an erection or ejaculate during the procedure. In this guide we shall look at prostate exams and erections.

Erections during a Prostate Exam

Yes, erections can occur during a prostate exam. However they are perfectly normal and while you may be embarrassed your doctor will have seen it a thousand times.

Erections during prostate exams are usually very short-lived – due to the non-erotic nature of the exam. Also remember that you will be facing the examining table so if you do have an erection it will not be visible by the doctor.

The prostate is located very close to the male production organs so it’s perfectly natural for you to have an erection during the procedure. Tissues in the anus are very sensitive.

Never let the fear of having an erection put you off having a prostate exam – as they are very important and putting it off can mean that you are not diagnosed for many serious diseases early enough.

Prostate Exam Erection

Ejaculation during a Prostate Exam

Just as erections are very common during a prostate exam, so is ejaculation and orgasms. As we mentioned before, the anus is full of many sensitive nerve endings and the prostate is very close in proximity to the male reproductive organs.

After a prostate exam your doctor will provide you with tissues so you can discretely clean up. Do not be embarrassed – doctors practically expect to see this type of reaction.

Prostate Exam Ejaculation

How to Prevent an Erection and Ejaculation during a Prostate Exam

While there is no foolproof method to preventing an erection of ejaculation during a prostate exam, there are some techniques you can try.

The first thing you should do is remember to relax. It can be very nerve wracking going into the exam – however try to take some deep breaths and think of the exam as a perfectly normal medical necessity (which it is). If you are relaxed you be better prepared to be in control of your emotions including an erection.

When the doctor inserts their finger into your rectum try to strain your bowel slightly while breathing in and taking rapid breaths. Doing this will help relax the muscles in your rectum – as well as your penis and other parts of the body.

By strengthening your kegel muscles you can help practice control over premature ejaculation and minimize the chance of ejaculating during your prostate exam. These muscles are located in between your anus and your penis and you can strengthen them by clenching and holding the muscle then releasing repeatedly each day. This can help you have more control over your ejaculation.

Another method, which many men use, is to have an orgasm just before your examination. This prevents you having a build-up of sexual tension which may be released during the prostate exam. Releasing this prior to the exam will mean less chance of having either an erection or ejaculating on the day.

Finally – meditation can help you to take control and focus on your mind and thoughts. This is beneficial not only in the prostate exam environment but in your everyday life to help relieve stress and have more control over your mind.

Prostate Exams and Ejaculation

Where to Find More Information on Prostate Exam Erections

A quick internet search will provide you with dozens of forums dedicated to men who are sharing their prostate exam experiences.

By reading their personal experiences it will soon become clear that erections and ejaculation during prostate exams is very normal. Doing this research can give you peace of mind – and you can even laugh at some of their funny encounters.

If you really are worried about the occurrence of a prostate exam erection or ejaculation – share your concerns with your doctor. They can reassure you that it is perfectly normal and ensure that you are comfortable on the day.

Often you will be given a female doctor to perform the prostate exam. If this makes you uncomfortable then don’t stay quiet – tell the receptionist or doctor that you would prefer a male doctor. Some men prefer a female doctor – so just make it clear what your preference is so that you can ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

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